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One of most important accelerator for business value creation is "Alliances and Channels".  While it may sound easy to set up partners and channel ecosystem, in reality, its a daunting and complex task. Managing alliances and channels efficiently requires a dedicated program, focus and constant engagement. 

Qmoniqs has a team of experienced and innovative alliance managers to offer you  "Alliance as Service" program.

Here we help you:

  • Strategize and Define partner program

  • Onboard channel partners

  • Run Sales operations

  • Build and nurture relationship with service providers

  • Evangelize and Marketing

  • Create and Run enablement programs

We at Qmoniqs utilise our experience in Digital Transformation to develop solutions around our valued partner ecosystem enabling our customer with better solutions



Qmoniqs is Value Added Reseller (VAR) partner for the leading technology providers of the world and can help you in procuring and implementing the software. Our associates are specialist in sizing, pricing and configuring software bundles for enterprise usage. Reach out to us for all your software needs.

     VMWare |   IBM  |  HPE  |  Fujitsu  |  Dbvisit  

             Oracle  |  F5  |  Dell EMC  |  Lenovo 

    Broadcom |  Netapp  |  Red Hat  | Qlik

            Cloudera  |  Veeam ColorTokens 

  CheckPoint |  Microsoft  |  Cyberbit  |  Carbonite 


         7Signal  |  Ncomputing |   Barracuda  

                        Automation Anywhere