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Customized Solutions:  Server experts standing by to help find the right server for your needs.

Industry Veterans: Over 15 years of experience building enterprise-grade solutions.

Awesome 24x7 Support: Dedicated experts are available when you need them, day or night.

At Qmoniqs Software, we know the importance of choosing a server that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Every server application is unique and requires an expert understanding of which components will deliver the best performance.

Let’s find the perfect server for you. Click the server solution below to get started.


Workgroup Server

Server storage for typically up to 5 users

Standard Server

Typically for businesses that require onsite storage and security. Usually used in conjuction with an Exchange Server

Exchange Server

Manages, stores and transports email, shared calendars etc

Applications Server

Dedicated server providing resources and storage for database applications, financial applications and MIS sol

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Virtualization of Servers

Server Virtualization is the process of dividing a physical server into several virtual servers, called virtual private servers. Each virtual private server can run independently. The concept of Server Virtualization is widely used in the IT infrastructure to minimize costs by increasing the utilization of existing resources. We at Qmoniqs understand the needs of your organization for being cost-effective and are ready for any unforeseen future by creating Disaster recovery instances in your server.

We can help you with server virtualization right from identifying the need, finding the optimum size, selecting the correct software, and implementing it for you. We can also help you in sourcing the virtualization software. We are partners with VMware, IBM, Nutanix, Cisco, etc.

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